Healing Music Links

  • American Music Therapy Association American Music Therapy Association, Inc. 8455 Colesville Road, Suite 1000 Silver Spring, Maryland 20910, USA Phone: (301) 589-3300 Fax: (301) 589-5175 E-mail: info@musictherapy.org
  • Crystal Singing Bowls - Relaxation Massage Music Massage relaxation music played on 35 pure quartz crystal bowls - for deep relaxation, insomnia, stress reduction....
  • Joy Gardner-Gordon is the founder and Director of the Vibrational Healing Program in Hawaii. She is a multidimensional master with twenty five years experience in conventional and natural healing. Joy shares her expertise with compassion and warmth.
  • Kay Gardner is the author of Sounding the Inner Landscape: Music as Medicine, and is recognized as a leading authority on the creative use of music and sound. She is a nationally known and accomplished composer and performer. Kay is available through her website for booking workshops.
  • Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D, Director of Medical Oncology at the Strang Cancer Prevention Center, New York, NY, and author of Dr. Gaynor’s Cancer Prevention Program. The goal of DrGaynor.com is to help people revolutionize their health – whatever that may mean to them. For some, it means increased energy and vitality...for others, enhanced protection against disease and illness...and for those coping with an existing health condition, new breakthrough therapies that hold exciting promise. Dr. Gaynor and his colleague, leading nutritional pharmacist Jerry Hickey, R.Ph., have documented many of their research findings and patient success stories in the books and publications listed on their site. Dr. Gaynor has written Healing Essence, Dr. Gaynor's Cancer Prevention Program, and Sounds of Healing.
  • The Mozart Effect Resource Center. The Mozart Effect is an inclusive term signifying the transformational powers of music in health, education, and well-being.
  • Music and the Brain Links to research and publicity regarding music and its effect on brain development.
  • Music as Medicine (Deforia Lane, Ph.D., MT-BC) Music heals the human spirit, and Deforia Lane communicates the healing power of God through music. Once a budding opera singer, Deforia has dedicated her talent and Christian faith to treating hospital patients with music therapy. Deforia Lane set a precedent in the medical profession when she became the first music therapist given a grant to study the therapeutic effects of music on cancer patients. Her techniques have inspired thousands of patients, and news of her success has spurred hospitals across the nation to launch music therapy programs. She serves as Associate Director of the Ireland Cancer Center, & Director of Music Therapy at University Hospitals of Cleveland, Ireland Cancer Center and Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital.
  • Music Qi Gong Energy therapy is a powerful, natural, and effective way for people to gain energy and heal the body of disease. Without touching the patient's body, Master Wu removes the negative qi (energy) and replaces it with positive qi, thus correcting the imbalance and allowing the body to resume its natural state of good qi flow and good health.
  • Pythagorean Tuning Forks & Planetary Frequencies The tuning forks are tools to help you develop and refine your sonic abilities.When you listen to the sound of the tuning forks your nervous system attunes to the note played, creating resonance resulting in a graceful and harmonious repatterning of your mind, body and spirit.
  • Sound Healers Association Sound Healers Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to research and awareness of the uses of sound and music as therapeutic and transformational modalities. Founded in 1982, sound master, Jonathan Goldman, the association offers a newsletter to members informing them of the meetings, workshops and concerts pertinent to the uses of sound and music for healing. SHA currently offers the Healing Sounds Correspondence Course as well as the Healing Sounds Seminars, which are conducted by Jonathan Goldman.
  • Sound Healing and Vibrational Medicine... How does it work? These pages will take you on a journey into the basics of vibrational medicine, how it works and how it affects you.
  • Tomatis Method builds strong listening skills through auditory stimulation, to improve learning and language abilities, communication, creativity, and socialm behavior.
  • Tom Kenyon, Acoustical Brain Research (ABR) studied the effects of tone and frequency on the human brain originally to augment his work as a psychotherapist. He has been a practicing psychotherapist for over 20 years with a Masters in Psychological Counseling. In 1983 he formed ABR, Acoustic Brain Research, to create a forum for his research into specific neuronal centers and how they are affected by frequency and tone. Tom offers a wide range of teaching intensives around the world, audiotapes and a video tape. His teaching schedule is listed along with contacts for the various facilitators.

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