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I am a Certified Music Practitioner

I have completed special training to provide live music as a service at the bedside. My studies included medical as well as musical training. The Music for Healing and Transition Program has a scientifically based curriculum that stresses factual results produced in the new field of "music medicine". Please understand that my work is not a performance or a concert, but simply a bedside service which is meant to be unobtrusive.

The harp has a special power to heal. I am committed to sharing this gift to those who are in need. I have been playing the harp at the bedside for three years. I have seen harp music calm erratic breathing, relax agitated people, and send people to sleep. I enjoy sharing music and harp knowledge. I like to tell stories about the songs and encourage people to touch a harp.

I play regularly for two hospital music programs and at a hospice residence.

Providence Hospital in Portland, under the guidance of Sister Maureen, has a program to bring harp music into the hospital. The Providence Portland Medical Foundation purchased a harp for the hospital. There are currently 8 musicians who play the harp near the nurses stations, in the lobby, for new mothers in the maternity unit and in the intensive care units.

I also play at Meridian Park Hospital in Tualitin and the Hopewell House Hospice.

I am a member of the Harping for Harmony Foundation. I feel my music fits in the Harping for Harmony Foundation's mission "to promote harmony and community, locally and globally, through harp music."

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